Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Albums of 2013

My best albums list consists of 16 mood/theme based lists (most with eleven albums) that contain the top albums of 2013.... (In progress)
I understand that some people may feel that this is overkill, but the point is threefold:
a. to create a very personal document of my musical enjoyment from 2013 for future reflection
b. to provide individualized suggestions for people who like different styles
c. to honor and acknowledge those working musicians who give their lives to making great art

I'm sure that as time goes on i'll discover releases from 2013 that i missed that should be on here...when that happen i'll generate a "Missed Classics" list...
This project was put on hold for a couple years due to ever increasing responsibility and time commitments.

This also includes eps, splits, live acts, cover art, and films from 2013 as well.

i have attempted to notate my top 10 albums with (*)
so with that i leave you to the list...enjoy!

Best Live Acts of 2013

The top 10 best live bands I saw during 2013. Based on total experience of their set including; sound, talent, visual, and personal enjoyment.

10. Happiness of Lovemaking
9. Milch de la Maquina
8. Reignbeau
7. Fando
6. Ink on Paper
5. Fando
4. A Hawk and A Hacksaw
3. Hell
2. Juliana Barwick
1. Pedestrian Deposit